About Us


Meet The Family!

Hello! My name is Dee. By nature, I am a collector. I’m always on the hunt for something special that will add some warmth to my home. When I saw my sister’s collection of tiny, rhinestone-studded Christmas trees a few years ago, I fell in love. The sparkle from those trees made everything around them seem a little more festive. I started my own tiny tree collection, and they brighten my home every Christmas. 

One day I got to thinking how nice it would be to have a collection of sparkling home décor pieces out all year long, rather than just at Christmas time. I searched high and low but couldn’t find what I was looking for. Finally, I decided that if I couldn’t find the pieces I wanted, I would make them!

What I made turned out to be so unique and fun that my friends and family started asking for pieces of their own. My husband Gary and I decided to create a business out of this little hobby; from our home in the Uinta mountains, we make our Uinta Uniques. We search the world over to curate a suitable inventory to share with you. Our items can brighten any home and become a part of any collection. They are delicate, beautiful, quirky, and fun!

Gary and I rely on our daughter to help out with the technical side of Uinta Uniques. The three of us put our hearts into every aspect of this family business. We want to deliver unique collectibles that will add just the right amount of shine to your home.





"We love a design space that is textured, layered, and personal. Our unique home accents bring a bit of that into any room in your home."